Castlelyons Safeguarding & Coaching Policy

To all Coaches, Members and Patrons.

Castlelyons Juvenile GAA has as a first priority the enjoyment and safety of the children in our care while playing Gaelic Games. As part of the recruitment policy of coaches we ensure all our coaches are Garda vetted and have completed a Child Protection Course.  We ensure they have completed a Foundation Coaching course. Our Assistant  Child Welfare Officer ( Lorna Murphy ) has completed a risk assessment as to the risk of harm that could come to a child in the care of Castlelyons Juvenile GAA,  from which she developed the Castlelyons Juvenile GAA Child Safeguarding Policy 2019. This ensures that as a club we are complying with our legislative requirements in relation to child protection and for you the parents it outlines a clear set of procedures to follow in the event you have any concerns around child welfare in the club.

The Safeguarding  Policy 2019 is, underneath, outlines  the procedures, policies and practices we have in place to safeguard children, as far as practicable, from risk when they are attending our games or other Association activities. It identifies that as a basic right we recognize that that all children have the right to be protected from harm. Cuman Lúthchleas Gael Caisleán Uí Liatháin  GAA really wish to acknowledge the work Lorna has put has put into the document and her ongoing work as our Assistant Child Welfare Officer.

Please see the Castlelyons Coaching Plan by clicking on the link below.  Also a "Castlelyons Coaching Corner" which contains a lot of information by clicking on the links.  

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Castlelyons Safeguarding Policy 2019

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